Cremona Violin Store & Workshop

Cremona Violin Store & Workshop, founded in 2008, is located at Via Robolotti 7 in the heart of Cremona, the world-renowned centre of violin-making.

Cremona Violin Store & Workshop offers individual customers, musicians, collectors, music shops and instrument retailers a vast selection of fine Italian string instruments, both antique and contemporary, backed up with the guarantee of international certification and after-sale service.

Cremona Violin Store & Workshop restoration workshop ensures that all musical instruments are kept in optimal condition and adjusted perfectly.

Instruments Highlights

Cremona Violin Store & Workshop

Ettore Nordio

Ettore Nordio completed his secondary school studies at the classical lyceum and went on to graduate from Politecnico di Milano with an engineering degree.He gained work and business experience.


Pietro Beschi

Pietro Beschi was born into a family of classical musicians and dancers.He became interested in contemporary violin-making while studying at university, and began to work with Cremona Violin.


Jeongsuk Lee

Jeongsuk Lee studied in Daegu (South Korea) before moving to Italy to study violin-making, taking a diploma in violin-making at “A. Stradivari” International School of Violin-making in Cremona.


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Feb 28 2018

Beijing PALM EXPO 2018

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