• Repairs & restoration:

    A first-class curriculum and extensive experience with both Italian, but above all, foreign, musicians, are the heart of a good restoration atelier.

  • Evaluations and appraisals

    At times owners do not know the value of their instrument and tend to over or under-estimates its value. It can happen that a correct evaluation of one's instrument is needed, or an estimate for an instrument one wants to buy or sell.

    Finally, it is important for musicians or collectors to know the true origin and authenticity of their instruments, as well as their value.Our atelier is at your service for a first opinion on any string instrument and for written evaluations and estimates of your instruments.

    To receive an opinion, you can send us a detailed description and good quality photographs by mail or email, attaching the file in a suitable format, and we will let you have a reply in the shortest possible time. For an evaluation or an estimate we need to actually examine the instrument together with all the relative documents in your possession.

  • Contemporary and antique instruments certification

    It is often difficult to sell or purchase an instrument at its correct market value unless one is in possession of the proper certificates and appraiser's reports. Certification of an instrument is essential for its proper evaluation and for an honest sale.

    Our atelier is at your service for the certification of both contemporary and antique instruments, either directly or by other string instrument experts.

  • Appraisals for insurance purposes

    That of musical instruments is a particularly delicate sector, in that the principles of conservation and the value of the object necessarily intersect with those of its function and use. Insurance is just one of the rings in the security chain, which also includes the cataloguing stage, evaluation, preventive conservation - and eventual restoration, specialist examinations and the guarantee of proper handling of the instrument itself.

    Musical instruments are subject to damage, wear and tear, and theft. For this reason, our atelier, in collaboration with AXA Art, can provide you with the best insurance policies designed for musicians and collectors and aimed at reducing as much as possible any financial loss or loss of value as a result of damage, theft or accidents your instrument could suffer.

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